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High Intensity Gas Infrared Space Heaters
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High Intensity Gas Infrared Space Heaters

The AgRadiant modular burner, with ceramic tile, delivers high intensity radiant heating (approx. 1725°F) at the burner surface. The radiant heating source consists of a serrated ceramic surface with a minimum of 190 perforations per square inch. Flame is concentrated at the tile. increasing the surface temperature and thus increasing radiant output while offering greater resistance to drafts and wind.


  • CSA, Formerly Known as AGA, Certified Design
  • 6 BTU/Ht Sizes in Both Natural & LG Gas
  • Modular Burners - 20,000 BTU/Hr per Burner
  • Designed 8° Angle of Combustion Surface
  • Horizontal to 20° Angled Mounting
  • .050" Bright Aluminum Reflector
  • "Potted" Ignition Controller
  • Easy Mounting via Chains & 'S' Hooks
  • 24V Operating Voltage - Eliminates Need to Run Wiring in Conduit
  • 120/24V Transformer Included
  • Factories/Manufacturing Areas
  • Farm Buildings
  • Pre-Fab Metal Buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Loading Docks
  • Auto Service Garages
  • Gymnasiums/Auditoriums
  • High Heat Loss Buildings
  • High Ceiling Applications